The Hold

The rider lands at a nearby hold and hands you the package to be delivered. "No reason for me to dismount if you're going. Thanks." Without waiting to see if you're actually willing to deliver the package, he asks his mount to take off. Within a few wingbeats the dragon is airborn then vanishes between. Once again you realize that you have arrived at the hold just after nightfall. As you near the hold you hear the familiar sound of a metal chain grating along the ground. It must be another whatch-wher like the one you met before. Soon the strange creature can be seen in the moonlight though it cringes even from that.


The noise rouses a guard sleeping nearby, "Eh? Who's there?" he says as he tries to clear his head. "Oh," he says as he sees you, "You came by dragon? Then you're probably expected inside. My name is Thefil but please don't tell anyone that I was sleeping on the job. Thanks!" He grasps your hand in an enthusiastic greeting which nearly dislocates your arm. After disengaging your hand from his iron grip you head up to the hold wondering if you will ever be able to straighten your fingers again.

August 27, 1998

All links have been removed as this agency no longer exits.