Lenori and Cherrith


This is the story of how Lenori found Ramoth's rainbow egg. (©SunBlind)

Lenori is a young girl with shoulder length brown hair and soft brown eyes. A rather shy girl, she seemed a bit uncomfortable being the center of attention. She's telling a small group of people how she found Ramoth's rainbow egg.

"I was just visiting Benden Weyr when I heard the rumours going around that Ramoth had laid a very special egg. The shell itself shimmered in the colours of the rainbow and the queen was quite proud of herself. Within hours a great commotion started up. It took me a long time to find out what was wrong - the egg had gone missing in one of Benden's many passageways. Ramoth herself was too large to search for it. I had to help the other riders and candidates find it before it got too cold and the dragonet died within it.

"So I began my search through the many twisting passageways and tunnels. I didn't feel so scared as a gold firelizard came with me so that if I got lost she could get help. I had wanted to go with one of the other search parties but they left without me. I feared for the little unborn dragon and agreed to have the firelizard as my protector.

"I wonder if my parents will still complain that I am too small to be good for anything? I mean I could fit into even the smallest openings! It was lucky that I could for it led me to the egg. I couldn't believe it when I found it. At first I thought I must be dreaming, or that I was seeing things in the almost pitch darkness. But as I reached out and felt it's smooth surface I knew that I had indeed found it. I wanted to hit myself for spending so much time in disbelief rather than wrap it up in a warm fur blanket before it was too late. Luckily the egg still had a bit of warmth to it.

"I rushed back as quickly as I could. Several of the search parties had returned to the sands and were looking decidedly worried. I just ran right past their amazed looks and quickly buried the egg in the warm sand. I barely even noticed that I was not alone.

When I looked up it was into Ramoth's swirling blue eyes. She spoke to me, really she did. She told me to take the egg back to my own weyr and place it in the sands here. That she was so grateful for its return that she was going to give it to me. I tried to explain that I didn't deserve such a gift for something that I would have done regardless. I also pointed out to her that I might not be a good candidate, that I had tried to impress once before and failed miserably. And do you know what she said to me? She said 'I think that will change Lenori.' She knew and said my name. I was so happy!"

The girl stops talking at that moment remembering the gold queen's words. She looks up again at the people around her. "I guess you all gathered here to see the egg didn't you? Here, let me just brush some of this sand aside." Everyone tried to crowd close around the egg to see it and at the same time hopped from foot to foot because of the hot sands. It all looked rather silly to you, then again you were leaning over to see better yourself. Only Lenori seemed immune to the heat of the sand as she painstakingly uncovered the egg.

There were murmurs within the crowd. The riders and other weyr people looked at each other in awe. Only once before had their been a rare coloured dragon, that was Jaxom's white Ruth. But here was an egg of many colours. A lot of speculation was going on amongst them as to what kind of dragon would hatch from this egg.

Lenori spent much of her time caring for her special egg. Often she would stroke it, as it was rumoured that it helped the candidate to Impress. Though she would be the only one there when it hatched, there would be a few female candidates on the side in case the dragon didn't accept her. Oh, how she hoped it would.

She was glad that she was allowed to take the egg back to her own weyr's hatching ground because most of the watchers will want to see Ramoth's eggs hatch and won't come here. At least she'll have some peace without having a thousand eyes upon her.

As her hand caressed the egg, Lenori swore she could feel a small tremor coming from within. Then the sound of dragons humming began to fill her ears. She knew most of the weyr had already left to see Ramoth's hatching but she wasn't prepared to be the only one left! Finally a few people filtered in, including the three extra girls. It did little for Lenori's confidence as the egg was now visibly moving.

A small crack appeard on one side, and slowly but surely a small hole opened up and a claw reached out towards her. She wanted to help but knew that was not allowed by weyr tradition. Finally the dragonet worked her way out of the egg. She tried to stand but got tangled up in her wings and fell with a cry. Lenori rushed over and helped it up. Their eyes met for an instant but it was long enough. ~My name is Cherrith.~ the rainbow dragonet told Lenori.

The room was silent as the watchers stared with awe at the rare rainbow hatchling. Reds, blues, yellows, any colour one could think of could be found on her soft hide. But Lenori did not see this, even if Cherrith were the drabbest dragon alive she would have still found her the most beautiful.

Once word was out that the rainbow egg had not only hatched but a healthy dragonet was born, people started leaving Benden weyr to see the rarity for themselves. Lenori was plagued with people asking her questions for which she had no answer for. No, she did not know how large a dragon Cherrith would be. No, she couldn't be sure that Cherrith would ever fly. ~Of course I will~ a sleepy Cherrith told her rider.

Finally Lenori managed to get away from the gawking populace and hide herself and Cherrith in their rooms. "Get some sleep now, my beauty," Lenori told her dragonet but Cherrith was already snoring quietly in a corner of the room. Lenori quickly followed suit.

I was honoured by an award by Alicorn for the Impression story of Lenori and Cherrith. Thanks!

Name: Cherrith
Rider: Lenori
Color: Rainbow (female)
Parents: Gold Ramoth x Bronze Mnementh
Weyr: Benden Weyr
November 1, 1998