The Hold

It was true that night had fallen while you visited with A'ton. The rider and his dragon drop you off at a nearby hold but left immediately as there was thread expected the next day. You head towards one of doors of the hold but the sound of metal scraping on the ground stops you in your tracks. You look around but see nothing in the moonless night. A deep rumble begins on your left then a dark form takes shape in the darkness. Could it be another dragon...... on a chain? From the corner of your eye you see a flash of light as someone opened and closed a door. As the person nears you, the lights he's carrying allows you to see the creature eyeing suspiciously.
"Don't let this big monster scare you. The watch whers are here to guard the holds but they are not exactly what you would call intelligent therefore she's having trouble deciding what to do with you. You did arrive on one of her very distant cousins, the dragon. She also has very sensitive eyes making her nocturnal." The man reaches over and scratches the wher over her eye ridges. The wher closed her multi-faceted eyes with a soft croon. Seems as if there is a similarity between the two beasts after all, though in comparison you had to admit that this one bordered on ugly. "My name is Felior, welcome! You must be starving! I don't have any qualms about inviting you in as a dragon rider dropped you off. Not just anyone gets to travel a dragonback!"

August 26, 1998

This wher was bred in Talis Weyr.
Link has been removed as this agency no longer exits.