M'ligan and Feliorth


Here is M'ligan's and Feliorth's Impression story. (©SunBlind)

Muligan sat by himself outside the hold wondering what to do today. As the third son of wealthy holder he was not expected to do much of anything at all except to attend all formal gatherings and to make his father proud of him. It tended to get a little boring most of the time. Sometimes he envied the workers, at least they kept busy. He then thought of his friend A'ton who had Impressed the bronze Intefeth. To be a dragonrider......, could a holder's son be a rider? It wasn't like as if he was needed here.

The wind played in his long brown hair, getting in his eyes. Maybe he should cut it, but he kind of liked the feel of it when it blew about. He got up and headed out towards the runners. Now that A'ton wasn't here it wasn't so much fun riding anymore.

Just then he heard a chirp by his shoulder.


"Where have you been?" he asked the blue firelizard that had just appeared. Glaer just squeaked excitedly and vanished again. A mating flight of a gold firelizard must be going on nearby, strange that a firelizard as young as Glaer would even be interested. Must have picked up on the excitement of the others.

So Muligan saddled up one of the runners. There's always something going on at the larger hold. He'd heard rumours that there might even be a Gather soon and decided that he should go and find out.

The ride was not long a long, but he took his time, once even foolishly chasing after a wherry with his runner. The bird just squawked and lost a bunch of feathers. Once at the hold he saw that there was indeed something going on, but it was not a preparation for a Gather. A group of dragons lay about in the warm sunlight, their riders speaking with the Lord Holder.

Getting close enough to hear, Muligan was able to discern enough to find out that this was a Search from Sonria Weyr. He wondered if his father would be invited this time. A loud rumble announced the arrival of Intefeth and A'ton. Smilling as usual, the rider greeted his friend. After finding out what the other had been up to in the past little while, A'ton called a blue rider over.

"This is him. What does your blue beast think."

Both riders beamed at Muligan. "Intefeth tells me that you would make a great rider, at least as far as our blue friend here thinks," A'ton explained. "He's really quite good at picking candidates, some say he even knows what colour they will Impress, but he never tells." Intefeth seems to laugh, like as if the blue had told him the secret.

"Hop on Muligan, I'll take you Sonria Weyr myself. I'm sure they won't mind if I just pop in. Precious cargo and all that you know," A'ton winks as he helps Muligan onto Intefeth's back. By the way, heard you got yourself one of those silly firelizards, and I should know, I've got three of them myself, remember."

With mighty beats of his wings, the bronze Intefeth carried his rider and the candidate high above the hold, only to vanish into the nothingness of Between.

Name: Feliorth
Rider: M'ligan
Color: Brown (male)
Parents: Gold Ryvenath x Bronze Elendreth
Weyr (Feliorth): Sonria Weyr (agency closed)
Weyr (Glaer): Talis Weyr (agency closed)
May 20, 1999