Nimori and Leath


How Nimori came to Impress Green Leath. (©SunBlind)

Nimori laughed as she watched the drudge fall down the stairs. Drudges were such slow, stupid people. And always so dirty and smelly, you'd think they'd never take baths. Returning to her rooms in the Hold, the daughter of the Holder sat in front of her mirror and began to braid her hair. It was such a beautiful day outside, she had decided to go for a ride on one of her runners to see how the farmers were doing.

Outside, the sun was briliant upon the river near the hold, and the air was clear as could be. She mounted the runner one of the grooms had prepared for her, though she nearly struck him with her crop as she saw how badly he had braided its mane. Drawing a deep breath, she put that bit of information away in her mind to bring up then next chance she had with her father.

Though arrogant as could be, Nimori was acutally an excellent horsewoman and was very firm but kind to her mount. Her blonde braid shone golden in the sunlight, and effect she often used to her advantage. There was no doubt she was pretty, though she knew very well that her nose was too big and her mouth a little crooked. But that didn't seem to phase any of her suitors. Maybe she would find another to taunt along the way.

With a loud screech, a wherry appeared out of nowhere. Her runner reared and took off at a mad gallop, driven so much the harder because of Nimori's dresses now flying in the wind. She hung on for dear life for she had been thrown off balance. A quick look behind showed that the wherry was not in pursuit.

Nimori clung so hard that the runners mane was cutting into her fingers and tears were streaming down her face. Her perfect braids had been windblown into disarray. Tiring, she lost her grip when the runner took a fallen tree that had fallen across its path. She fell with a dull thud and didn't move.

Moments later she got up and found herself in a completely unknown part of Pern. Had she ridden so long? Surrounded by trees she had no idea where she was. And she was covered in muck, but that didn't matter. Nothing matter except she was lost and the runner was gone.

She sat for long while, recovering her strength and clearing her mind. She swore she would be a nicer person if some find young man would come and rescue her. But no one came, and finally she got up to walk. No one knew where she was.

She walked for what seemed like forever, drinking from a stream but finding no food. She had a lot of time to think about what she had. No one her age wanted to ride with her, because they knew she would only be cruel. If she hadn't been alone, she might have had someone to go for help. Or they could have ridden together. Nimori would have liked that.

Now whether she had no friends because she was mean, or she was mean because she had no friends, didn't excuse the fact that she could be downright nasty. Anyway, the trees had begun to thin and she came out on a barren field. "Great," she thought. She walked out a ways and sat down to cry.

Nimori never cried. But usually she got her way. Now the world decided that it would have its way, regardless of Nimori's will. The night was long and dark.

The next morning she was surprised to find herself in a weyr, Dragon Mount to be precise. She knew this because she had been here before with her father. A rider sat nearby along with a nurse. When they saw she was awake, the rider jumped up and blurted out, "Oh, good. Just in time for the hatching. By fine Blue saw you lying there and nearly burst my head with a great bellow that we should not abandon you. You were needed as a candidate! Well, what do you think?"

The nurse pushed the blue rider away, saying something that she needed her rest and that they didn't even know her name. But she smiled, a true and genuine smile at the rider. Taking that as the answer, the rider left the girl in the care of the healer.

Name: Leath
Rider: Nimori
Color: Green (female)
Parents: White Mnendath x Bronze Clarth
Weyr: Dragon Mount (Agency closed)
October 1999