E'dor and Hysteth

How candidate Endor meets his dragon Hysteth. (©SunBlind)

Endor stared up at the starry night's sky, then back down at the distance-viewer he was trying to get to work. He ended up being an apprentice to a Master Starcrafter when he showed a good ability to work as a glass smith. He was supposed to be looking at the Red Star, but he could see nothing through this cursed device. He was certain he had set it up right.

He was a funny sight, this large young man, over six feet tall and broad to match, trying to delicately handle this fragile device. He hunched down again and took another look. Nothing, just black. Shards! He should have been a metal smith or something. He twisted a couple of the components a final time and looked through again. A huge dragon filled his sight!

With a yelp, he hopped back, only to see that the dragon still soaring high in the sky. He laughed at himself for being such a fool. Anyway, at least he could see through the thing. There, stars at last. Now where was the red one. Seeing it with your eye was one thing, trying to focus the distance-viewer onto the wayward planet was harder. There, that's right. Right in the middle. The sight of it made him shiver. Then the red speck bounced all over the place before he could focus.

Endor turned to see the dragon whose wings nearly blew the distance-viewer over. He was about to give the rider a piece of his mind about how fragile the object was when the rider dismounted. Before he opened his mouth the rider asked about what he knew.

Now, like most people Endor liked to show off that he knew stuff. He may look like a slow wit but he really wasn't. He was not as smart as most harpers, but he was good enough to handle the calculations needed for his craft. The dark haired giant began to explain what he knew of the Red Star.

Almost finished, Endor noticed the blue dragon's eye swirling strangely at him. He stuttered then lost his train of thought. The rider looked back and sighed. "Well, here's why I'm really here. There are eggs on the Sands of the DawnSister's Weyr and my blue here wouldn't let me pass by without asking if you wanted to be a candidate."

Endor looked at the distance-viewer, then at the dragon and back again, then shrugged. "I have to return this to the Craft Hall first though." The rider nodded as he laughed and they turned to mount the waiting blue.

Once at the Weyr, there was a great deal of commotion going on. "Quick," someone called out and shoved two round objects into Endor's hands. He almost dropped them as one hatched into a blue firelizard.

Someone gave Endor some food to feed the hungry hatchling. It never seemed to get enough. Just when Endor thought that he was done. The other egg hatched and a golden form cried pitieously at him. "This must belong to someone, a Lord Holder or something......" Endor looked around but could see no one of great rank in the chaos.

"Just feed her before she gets away!" a woman hissed shoving food into his hands. The queen was already crawling all over his big arms trying to get at the food. There was nothing he could do but feed the hungry creature.

Finally, both firelizards with bulging bellies curled up together in the bend of Endor's arm. Everyone looked exhausted and Endor was happy when he was led to the room where he was to stay and wait for the hatching. While sitting on the cot, he decided to call the blue Kyle and the gold Minete. It just seemed to suit them. Then he looked about his room.

On the far wall there was a hanging depicting a single dragon flying Thread. Well, it is a candidate's room, one didn't expect it to be too extravagant. There was a small desk to his right with a chair. A little too small for comfort. At least this room was temporary until he either Impressed himself a dragon or returned to the Crafthall. On the left there was the door. No private bathing rooms, too bad, he could have used one but he was too tired to go looking. On the floor was a fur covering, just so that when one got out of bed one wouldn't have to stand on cold stone in the morning.

Endor decided to follow the example of the stuffed firelizards and lay down on the bed, hoping it could hold his weight and at the same time wishing it were a little longer as his feet stuck out over the end.

Name: Hysteth
Rider: E'dor
Color: Blue (male)
Parents: Gold Gillith x Bronze Branth
Weyr: DawnSister's Weyr
January 2001