The Caves


You followed Pomdar a ways through the tunnels before you realized that you couldn't see him anymore. Frightened, you started to backtrack to see where you might have lost track of him, but it seemed impossible that you could have separated from such a large creature in a passageway that didn't branch off. You stop where you are, wondering if you should wait for Pomdar to come looking for you, or if you should try to look for him.

In the end, it didn't matter, someone else found you first.

He was a long, sinuous, oriental dragon. He glided through the air without the aid of wings, as if he had no more substance than a phantom. He swirled about you, curious in a kind of detached way, about this strange two-legged, scaleless creature wandering through his home.

Finally satisfied, his body seemed to dissipate into a fog and vanished, leaving you alone in the passageway.

"There you are. I turn around and discover that you'd wandered off the wrong way....are you alright?" It was Pomdar and you explain your experience to him. He paused thoughtfully. "That might have been Crystal Tears, I heard about his mind tricks but never took them seriously. He made you think you were lost, when you really weren't. Probably you'd just stopped walking and never turned to backtrack." He lowered his head to eye you closely, as if he expected you to develop green spots and purple stripes. "You seem to be alright, he was probably just curious about you. Course it would be beneath him to have a normal conversation, he likes to show off his superiority a bit."

As you follow Pomdar you wondered about that, he didn't so much seem arrogant as he had wanted to get something from you that he couldn't have gotten if you weren't in that dream-like state.

Name: Crystal Tears
Gender: Male
ID: 22
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
July 2006

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