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I decided to create this section after receiving many emails asking where they may find unicorn books, toys and other items. Unfortunately I rarely had much of an answer. So I thought, why not find out if anyone else might have the answer, or is willing to part with an item they own. This page will be for anyone wanting to buy, sell or just ask a question about unicorns of any kind.

Please note, that if you do decide to buy or sell something on the internet, be careful. There are a lot of people out there who are out to part you from your money. I make no claims that any of these postings are legitimate, I merely post them if they appear to be. If you decided to make contact with anyone, please remember that you do so at your own risk, and that you cannot hold me liable for the outcome. I do not have to means by which to check any of the offers, and as I'll post the email addresses, you should contact the owner of the message, not me.

If a message is no longer valid (ie, you found what you were looking for) please let me know so I can take down the post. This will benefit others and eliminate some confusion. Also let me know if you change email addresses otherwise this obviously isn't going to work!

So send your information or questions to websorceress@myth-and-fantasy.com and please use the subject, "Unicorn Posting".

So here's wishing you the best of luck in your quest for the magical unicorn.


Date PostedMessage
June 2003 The Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce is back in print (Birth of the Firebringer, Dark Moon, The Sun of Summer Stars). You can find them at your local bookstore or from any of the major online stores such as Amazon.com or Chapters.ca.
May 2006 The books in the Unicorn Queen series are being reprinted in 2004 and are still available at Amazon.com. I know with certainty the first two are available in a single book. As far as I can tell, at this time, the other four are not in print.
May 2006 I have had several requests to find the name of an 80's animated unicorn movie that has taken me several years to figure out. This movie was The Fantastic Adventures of Unico, or its sequel, In the Island of Magic. Here are some descriptions questors gave to me, and perhaps the result of their search will also helped you in yours.

I am looking for an animated unicorn movie (perhaps Japanese animation??) about a baby unicorn who changes sizes when angered. In the first movie he meets into a man who plays the flute and rides a log. He turns everyone into green man-bricks that make a large castle...there is a second movie as well about a singing cat who turns into a human girl. It used to come on HBO quite often...

I'm trying to find a movie made in the 80s about a baby unicorn that is trying to get away from this evil man that has flat fingers and freezes people.

I am in search of a movie about a little unicorn who was taken from her mother and abandoned on an island with a little devil. I remember the unicorn turned into a girl or cat at some point during this movie. Alot of resemblences to the last unicorn.

I'm looking for a movie with a little blue (?) devil whose father is a big stone statue. Anyway, the devil does meet up with a unicorn.


Date PostedContact InformationMessage
June 10, 2002Email: zephyr2626@hotmail.com I have noted that on this website there are many people looking for the Secret of the Unicorn Queen series. I have all of the books except for the fifth one. They are used but nonthe less they are in good condition. I have checked on websites such as borders.com and amazon.com and the used series is selling around 90 dollars per book for used copies, price varying on the series number. If anyone on this website is interested, please email me at zephyr2626@hotmail.com.
July 27, 2002Email: ecdufour@hotmail.com Hello,
I have all 6 of the Sercret of the Unicorn Queen books available for sale. All in fair to very good condition. Please e-mail me for pictures and more info at ecdufour@hotmail.com
Thanks for your interest!
July 10, 2004Email: camshell@bonbon.net You can download both Unico movies here http://www.boxtorrents.com/Browse/Movie/

SunBlind's note: I don't know how legal this is, so use at your own discretion

January 17, 2009Email: alexeea@yahoo.com I am selling the book series: The secret of the unicorn queen 1-6 if anyone is interested please email me


Date PostedContact InformationMessage
July 16, 2000Email: j.mnissen@ns.sympatico.ca I am looking for a unicorn screensaver that I can download for my home computer.
February 16, 2001Email: ElumnSiren@aol.com Hello, I am looking for the other 5 "Secret of The Unicorn Queen" books. I have The Dark Gods. I am in a desperate search for the other five. Please if anyone has them contact me! Thanks!
April 6, 2001Email: saxbygb@goulburn.net.au Hi, I am also looking for anyone who has any of : The secret of the Unicorn Queen.
I have ; Book 2 - Sun Blind, and Book 3 - The Final Test.

I am looking for: Swept Away, Into The Dream (SunBlind's note - and Moonspell)


November 4, 2001Email: lavonia@hallelnet.com Hello, I am looking for Whisper the Winged Unicorn books. Especially books that still have their sticker sets. You can email me at lavonia@hallelnet.com or go to my Whisper site, The Rainbow Forest (www.hallelnet.com/whisper) Thanks!
January 2, 2002Email: celeste85@hotmail.com Howdy, I am looking for any of the books belonging to the series, Secret of the Unicorn Queen: Swept Away, Sun Blind, Final Test, Into the Dream, The Dark Gods, and Moonspell. If any one has any of these books please contact me. Put Unicorn Queen in the subject of the e-mail.
August 4, 2002Email: beckiejoy@juno.com I am searching for books 2-6 of the Secret of the Unicorn Queen series. I am especially interested in book 6 since I have yet to read it. I'd appreciate any info on it. Thank You.
November 24, 2002Email: LdyJaydin@aol.com Hi,

I'm looking for the Windstone Black Unicorns. They were made and retired years ago. I have not been able to find them anywhere. I anyone has them or has any clues on where I can get some, please email me.


October 5, 2003Email: The_Vogts@msn.com I am also interested in finding the "young black unicorn " by Windstone. Not the baby...the "teen-age" sitting one. Thanks.
July 10, 2004Email: skigod377@yahoo.com I am looking for any of the Windstone Editions black unicorns. Anyone selling any in good condition, please let me know.
February 5, 2005Email: annwelch1@aol.com Hi, i am looking for the baby black unicorn. The one in the windstone collection. Please contact me at annwelch1@aol.com Thank You
April 10, 2005Email: Edelweiss[at]call2surfmail[dot]de

Replace the [at] with '@' and the [dot] with "."

I am searching for any information about this costume: SEEN HERE , espically the amazingly realistic horse/unicorn head.
May 28, 2006Email: vodovaas@astound.net I am seeking both the mother and the young sitting unicorns in black retired from the windstone editions collection.

I can be contacted at vodovaas@astound.net


May 19, 2007Email: bugzz6@hotmail.com hi there, i'm looking for the title of a unicorn movie, made a while ago (80's) but it's not an animated one. i was very young, and one of the parts in the movie i remember is a young man looking for the unicorn, he falls in a lake and it freezes over him. if anyone knows the title to that movie, please tell me what it is, i've been looking for it for sooooo long. any help is apreciated thank you so much
August 5, 2007Email: screamout@hotmail.com Hi. I'm looking to find about a movie I saw when I was a little kid. It was a cartoon made in the 80's (I believe) about a unicorn. I only remember one scene from it though. It was a little white unicorn wrestling with a black little horse over its horn. The black horse kept taking the white unicorn's horn off his head and they started rolling around on top of each other fighting. I think they were in a cave. If ANYBODY could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I've been wanting to figure out what this movie is forever! Thank you!
July 31, 2009Email: valkeryrie@gmail.com Looking for The Collectors Treasury of Unicorns figurines from the Franklin Mint. There are 12 figures in the set and is missing 9 of them. All 12 figurines were designed by David Cornell.


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