Mountain Song

Author Unknown

Appears to be a different translation of this song.

I heard the song of sweetest nightingale,
So well she sang, it echoed through the forest,
Right 'twixt two mountains and a deep ravine,
I heard resound full many a noble tone.

The hunter too did note the sound,
And boldly hunts the unicorn with much delight,
That unicorn proudly noble, proudly highborn,
For God himself had chosen him.

Th unicorn, by nature, and white as well,
Straight and ready there he blocks the narrow path,
No mortal man there is can trap him there,
But yet a virgin pure could do it.

Were this unicorn for us not born,
Then all we sinners'd be forlorn.
Unworthily, then, we take him in,
God help us all into his father's realm,
God save us all the same!


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