The Unicorn

Constance Banquer -

Alone I lived and lonely
Until that wondrous day
Out of the realms of Fantasy
Came to me, the Unicorn

Pure and simple in his glory
I stroked his silken mane
And bade him stay
And though we both knew a Unicorn
Cannot be held, he placed
His head upon my lap, and
Allowed himself to be briefly caught

For weeks we played together
I and my new-found friend
And I came to believe I could hold him
Certainly I loved him, and in his
Own simple Unicorn way, he loved me

All too soon, fate and his forest beckoned
him, and he gently bade me farewell
In my heart I ranted and raved
How he had betrayed me
I'd believed in him, and he was leaving me

But after gazing into his pure and open face
I realized he promised me naught
Mine was the fantasy,
For Unicorns cannot be held
They must remain wild and free
Or they will cease to be Unicorns

And so I thank God he was for
A while my companion, and I
could caress his satiny skin, and
Glowing mane

Not many are blessed with the
love of a Unicorn, and fewer still
Survive the grief of parting
But I will remember only the
Joy of our togetherness, and he
Will be with me still


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