The Unicorn

Lady Brooklyn -

Wind whispering in
The trees. Can it be a force
So magical the
Earth announces its coming?
Yes, it is. A unicorn!

Earth's most noble beast.
Virtue and purity both
Live in this creature.
As long as one lives, the dark
Can never engulf this world.

In a secluded
Spot she will come, and only
To the purest of
Heart. Her coming signifies
Within the world of
The fairy folk she dwells, where
Nothing grows old or
Dies. She will play for all time.

Or perhaps until
Man realizes magic
Will never leave this
Earth. He may try to supress
It, but he will not succeed.

The immortal beast
May wait a millennium
To resurface in
This world, but that day will come.
It will be the day peace rules.

Then and only then
Can all God's creatures live in
Peace and Harmony.
Science and Sorcery will
Come together forever.


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