I'll Come, Someday

2008 Harrald

Oh creature among the winds and clouds,
You are so fine and fair.
How I truly wish to soar with you,
And feel an angel's hair.

To play merry with the children.
High in the sunny sky.
No snow or no rain, no hurt or pain
To cause you grief, to die away.

If I could stay, forever stay,
Among the fairies and the clouds,
I'd flit away, up to heaven's great bay,
And be without sad Earthly doubts.

So far away, hear me I pray.
One day I'll come and learn.
To fly away, and come to stay,
With the pretty unicorns.

I Saw, Thrice

2008 Harrald

Walking through the green Forest,
I saw a simple rat.
Who chattered with a chipmunk,
The thing it saw, and that,
'Thrice!' he cried
In joyous glee.
The thing he saw,
Were unicorns three.
For even just the humble bird,
Or bee among the dell,
Would marvel at the tale
The boasty rat did tell.
To spread the word,
He ran so fast.
From wood to sunny town.
On rooftops, racing past.
So tired, soon collapsed
The little rat, hiding in a spire.
The preacher came,
Seeing him cried, 'Liar!'
You see no beast,
Snow white and gold,
As the birds say is true.
For all died of old.
And as the townsmen chased
The rat away,
The unicorns did smile.
For the rat tricked that day.


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