Unicorns are real

Jaz - krackerbird@yahoo.com

We have to wonder, from how many times unicorns are
mentioned in stories and books and myths
Since early in time,
Was it possible they really did exist?
Or is it that so many had a good imagination at
the same time
Could it be like many other species they were
hunted by man
And didn't survive...
Were they just a myth.. a fantasy?
Or did the walk the earth...Were they truly alive?
Why did so many people from different parts
of the world?
Share that same fantasy?
Many people have claimed to have
seen a unicorn?
What do you think?
You never know it could be true
There are people who still claim to
see them
Could the next one who sees one, perhaps
be you?
Even now at this time do they exist
Personally I like to think, that unicorns are still alive
That they found some magical enchanted place
without humans
A safe place where they could survive
A place where they can live in all their beauty
And live a life of peace and walk with all their v charm and grace
Sharing their loving hearts with others, sending us
guidance, love, and healing from that magical place
With no ill will toward humans, just trying to keep a
safe distance and survive in there own way
I believe unicorns are real.
But then what do I know
I'm a romantic, With a poets heart..
and a gentle soul..
Many nights my heart has taken flight, flying far
away to that enchanted place sitting on the back
of a beautiful unicorn
On those visits to that place where unicorns are real
But either way, no matter what you
may believe
Unicorns will always survive
They live and will always thrive
They have captured the hearts of
Writers, and poets around the world
And I think they always will.....
How many of us adore the gentle
They are alive and well, living in many
of our hearts
Those who believe, carry the unicorn with them
They have felt unicorn magic from the very start
The greatest power of the mystical unicorn is that
they will never die
As long as there are people who believe in the
power of their dreams
They will always survive
Their love, and magic, and healing,
have been therewith them from the very start
As long as there are those that love unicorns and
carry that love within their heart
They will forever remain
But then what do I know?
I'm a romantic
I just know what I feel
And in my heart I will always believe
That unicorns are real
love is all


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