Lady of the Misty Lake

© Hailey Turner -

The mist on the lake, the stars in the sky,
Covered by fog, a glint in her eye,

On her head I could see, a long single horn,
Only bits I could find, for the white mist was torn,

She bent her great head, to the water with care,
A cloud of white fog, covered over her there,

She blew it away, with a shake of her mane,
And danced on her long legs, like white sugar cane,

I dared not to blink, for fear she’d be gone,
I wanted to touch her, to wade in the pond,

Although there weren’t bugs, all flew to hide,
Her long silver tail, gave a swish to her side,

My eyes stung with pain, so I gave a quick blink,
When I looked back again, it was the worst I could think,

It was just what I thought, through fog I could see,
The unicorn was gone, but now, I believe.


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