The night the stars weren't bright

Brook Powlowski -

I'll never forget the night
the stars were not bright
the air was not misty nor clear
The crickets still sang
and the wild cats sprang
upon unexpecting deer
I crawled from my bed
and looked out upon
a blanket of starless sky
but as I headed back to my bed
a slight glow caught me eye
It wasn't the moon
nor was it a light
upon the empty street
it was high in the sky
not down near the ground
or lighting up old concrete
As I watched the light grow bigger
an exciting twinkle in my eye
I could hear a faint pounding
like a horse galloping close by
But it wasn't a horse
no not at all
something greater perhaps it was
It was white with four legs
and a beautiful sight
was the golden, spiraling horn
"A Unicorn" I gasped
about to burst with glee
but I stoped with fear
when I looked up and saw
two blue eyes staring at me
Then a blinding light came
from the tip of its horn
I felt as if hit by a car
but as the glowing stopped
I gazed up to the sky
and there
I saw a star
And another
and another
and a thousand more yet
With a wink of his eye
and a tip of his head
the Unicorn was off like a jet
From this day on
I look at the stars
on a not clear or misty nights
they all twinkle so brightly now
but the ones that shape a unicorn
are the most wonderful to sight.


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