The Unicorn

SkyFire -

Oh, wondrous beast, ever you shun the human eye
To roam within the forests in your solitude
Such beauty should not lie undiscovered, fleeting glimpses
To the pure of heart are all you give, you live
In unfettered freedom, in pure and sweet innocence
Never to be caged or surrendered as you dance
Among the spring bluebells, my heart sings with you
And the stars call out your name in the veil of night
In the shadows of tall trees you let creatures nestle in your breast
As you run from the world and the selfishness of those
Who in futility attempted to enslave you and capture the essence
Of your love

Yet surely this world has need of you, as you ride the crests of rainbows in lands unseen
Dreaming yourself into the hearts and minds of believers, and darkness runs from you
Ever to understand the nature of man and the poison in their hearts with a single glance
But ever peaceful, among the enchanted lands of worlds long gone and stories long forgotten you run, and I feel at one with you, the shape of my heart
And the warmth of my soul, I long to stay
Forever sleeping in your care, kissing your silken mane
Under moonlit skies

You were driven from your lands and now you live only in verse, how grossly you have been misunderstood, for no man
Has ever been close enough to know you, or to hold you
As your head lovingly rests on his shoulders, surely he would know
What true magic is, but alas, like a book only your cover we have seen
With no pages read
And so you burn in faraway skies where no-one can tread
A shimmering spirit of warmth and love uncaged by mortal form
Your heart free to wander, if I could dream forever I would ride the nebulae with you

When my soul is released I go in peace to you, love without restraint
Freedom without jealousy, magic without envy
The Unicorn speaks the language of love without uttering
A single word, for words contain, words define
They cannot stand the test of time, how wise you are
Gentle creature, in the waking of the night
I will dance among the universe with you.


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