Keri Stevenson - Meylona@aol.com

Where his steps come, there comes the spring,
And where he looks, there ice melting
Holds his glance in the newborn streams,
The paragon and lord of dreams.

Whiter he is than mountain snow,
Brighter than sparkling fountain glow,
Lighter than footsteps of the moon,
More delicate than harpers' tune.

Standing in the forest, he looks
As if out of prayers and books.
Effortless grace and wild beauty,
Moonlit impossibility.

Starshadow tail and snowshine mane,
Gleaming neck unbrushed by rein,
His horn the light of fading years
And frozen gems' translucent tears.

On a night as still as thought,
On a breeze from heaven brought,
He pauses with uplifted hoof,
Like a light cast from the world's roof.

A creation of crystal fire,
A note played on the starry lyre,
Of wind and sealit shadow born,
The legend's child, the unicorn.


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