Unicorn Fiction

Many stories have been written about unicorns of all shapes and personalities. Maybe one of these pieces will have you realize that unicorns might be found in your backyard or that travelling to another world might really be possible if only one believes. You will find poems, stories and movies here.[10 links]

Cave of the Red Unicorn

Dance of the Unicorn

The Enchanted Unicorn

Fantasy Realm

Gloriana's Court - When the unicorn romped

Holy Dragon, Holy Unicorn

Kelly's Story

KidPub Children's Publishing

Land of Unicorns

The Mystical Unicorn

A Mystical Nature Trail

The Official Bruce Coville Homepage

The Elven Forest

Little Sister #89 - Karen's Unicorn

Maria's Mystical Page

Nico the Unicorn (1998)

Nico the Unicorn - Moviefone

Nico the Unicorn - Movie Info - Yahoo! Movies

Nico the Unicorn (1998) - Overview - MSN Movies

Nico the Unicorn/ Owd Bob (1998)

Nigel Suckling Home Page

Nikki's Castle

Pat's Night Gallery

The Princess and the Unicorn

Salem's Mystical Woods

Scholastic Canada - Unicorn Wishes

Scholastic Canada - Vicky Blum's Unicorns

A tale of two unicorns


Unico - Wikipedia

The Unicorn

Unicorn Book

The Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville

The Unicorn and the Girl Story

Unicorn Poem by LacyBell

Unicorn Poetry by Sindor Aloyarc


Unicorns United

The Mystical Realm of the Unilion


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