Enjoy these beautiful works of art where artists have attempted for centuries to capture the elusive beauty of the magical unicorn. Where the creator was known, credit was given, and when possible, a link to an official site where you can enjoy even more works from these wonderful artists.

Where there is a website, I have disabled the ability to save the images directly from my pages. If you enjoyed the artist's work so much that you wish to save a copy to your machine, please follow the link to the artist's homepage. If there is no website available, just left-click on the image and a window will pop-up to allow you to save it.


From Television and Movies

Blade Runner
The Last Unicorn


Amy Brown
Susan Seddon Boulet
Clyde Caldwell
Salvadore Dali
Sue Dawe
Dee Dreslough
Larry Elmore
Gina Ferraro
Alane Fieldson
Jessica Galbreth
Michael Hague
Gustave Moreau
Peter Pracownik
Steve Read
Sandra SanTara
Sandra Staple
Matthew Webber

My Art


Animated Gifs

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