[Herald] Maell [Herald]


A gentle soul. (©SunBlind)

A new egg was brought to Unicorn Island.


Maell was the gentlest of all the unicorns of the Island. Born of an egg like all the others, like the others she was not. It was not long before she hatched.


She tried to stand from the very first moment. As she stummbled about on her newborn legs, she fell over an egg partially buried beneath the sand.


She dug it out with her tiny hooves. And just as she did so, it began to hatch. And into such a creature it hatched!


Maell was so excited by her discovery. Although just newly hatched herself, she cuddled up to the purple creature to keep it warm and give it comfort. Soon she was helping it crawl along the beach, though she herself was none too sure of her step. Later that day, though not quite able to speak herself, she went to the herd elders and told them that she had called him Fnarn, and that she would "Take care of the little baby." The others laughed at her innocence and play at being grown up. But soon they laughed no more, for just a baby herself, she took gentle care of "the little baby". It did not seem to bother her that the little one soon grew to be much bigger than the foal.

But Maell did her best to keep up with the growth of her charge, and soon she was a young filly.


She seemed quite serious much of the time. She paid great attention to the teachings of the older unicorns, and always learnt her lessons well so she could pass them on to her student. One day, the two of them were wandering in the woods and had for a moment stepped out of sight of Rowyn who had been looking at the sky hoping her Githraniel would come to visit her. Maell heard a soft weeping in the underbrush. She looked underneath and saw a young tiger kitten shivering with fear and surprise.


She nuzzled the little animal and it began to purr. Obviously it had been orphaned in some way, so Maell thought that she would care for it. Her kind heart would not permit her to leave the helpless creature alone in the dark, though she herself sometimes had to run to the "grown-ups" for help. She named this one Sharaasha after she saw her bravely hiss at a most "dangerous" butterfly.

Now she cared for two "little ones" in addition to the various insects she watched over in their eggs. She was always sad when they hatched and floated away on the breeze because she wouldn't see them again, or if she did she wouldn't recognize them. Soon she was a lovely filly, full of love and play.


It soon became obvious what magic the young Maell had at her command. She was guardian of the young animals of the Island, protector of the helpless and guide for the lost. Though she never withheld her aid or kindness from another, Maell was always drawn to her "little ones" that she watched over so carefully. She played with them and watched them carefully. One day as she reared and pranced near the stream with her charges, she came across another one.


It looked up at her sadly from where it had been drinking the crystal waters. As she had never hesitated before, there was no reason why she should hesitate now. So like a mother hen, Maell set herself to cheer up the green creature, the likes of which she had no seen before. And so another creature was introduced to the herd. Delwi.


Maell grew to be the gentlest member of the herd. Always quiet and kind, not easily disturbed and never angry. She would now care for the new unicorns born on the Island, along with her menagerie of other creatures.

From deer to frog,
From cat to dog,
From bird to bat,
From elephant to gnat,
From unicorn and dragon,
To the great big gallumpon,
And the tiny little fallafall;
Maell is guardian of them all.


Name: Maell
Gender: Mare
Parents: Opal x Pearl
Mate: Ulares
Offspring: None
May 1999

[The Silver Unicorn]
Sharaasha is from the Everrealm



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