Death Awaits You Here


The big cat pulled back her lips and snarled, long fangs glistening in the permanent gloom of the realm. Her tail flicked lazily from side to side, one silver eye focused on you hungrily. She ran a tongue over one horribly sharp tooth, then stood up and laughed.

"Greetings wanderer. I am SunBlind, guardian of this Realm in one of my many forms and your host for the evening. I hope I didn't frighten you....much." She chuckled. Then she stretched, silver claws digging into the rock and earth beneath her paws. She padded softly around you several times, judging you perhaps. Then she paused, not a hair on her body moved, even though there was a fairly brisk breeze blowing through here. And then she was gone. Just vanished. Yes it was dark, but you were sure she didn't run off into the shadows, she was just.....gone.

But you weren't alone for long. Another wolf creature winged her way out of the darkness, flaming orange burning in the night.

She landed without a sound and as she folded her wings you noted she had no forelegs. She looked at you in a way vaguely similar to that of SunBlind, though the Realm Keeper's gaze was certainly much colderm sharper. The wolf dipped her head slightly and a tuft of hair fell forward and concealed one eye.

"I am Hidden Flame."

Simply stated. She sounded as if she was only talking to you because someone made her do it. She didn't seem very pleased and her fangs appeared no less sharp than the ones belonging to the vampiric Realm Keeper. What do you say to a creature that looks just about ready to rip your throat out?

Thankfully, your indecision seemed to have solved your dilema as Hidden Flame gave a derisive snort and disappeared. Not vanished like the other wolf, this one you saw her take flight and soar out of sight......but it left you wondering at what lurked beyond what your weak human eyes could make out.

Name: Hidden Flame
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Element: Fire
Pack: Pack of the Chilled Wind
November 2, 2001

Jeweled Wolves