A Story


Sunny Brook
And Pegasus
Went Singing Through The Land.

All Listened
To The Music Sweet
To It's Ev'ry Command

'Go To The Brook
And Take A Look
A Fish, A Wish
And Smile
A While.
As She Floats
To The Silver Bay
Among The Silver Cloud.'

And With Each Word
One Sister Heard
The Other's Plangent Sigh.

'Why So Blue,
Dear Pegasus?
Why So Troubled, Why?'

'If I Could Do
More Than Just Sing,
I'd Fly To The Land Up High.'

'You Foolish Thing'
Spoke A Fair Flower,
Who Nodded To The Sky.

'You Do Not Wish
To Be Up There
Amid The Wind And Storm,'

'But If You Do,
I Hope You Won't,
Use The Fog To Reach The Cloudy Dorm.'

'I Shall!'
She Cried, Running Away.
And Skipping Up The Steps Of Fog.

The Angels,
When They Saw Her Cry,
Asked Her Why So Grim.

She Said
She Missed Dear
Sunny Brook, Wishing To Visit Her.

'We Shall Give
You One Gift
Each, Which Makes Five.'

'I Wish For Speed, Please Make Me fast,
So I Can Reach Her Soon.
And Ears To Hear Her When I Come,
She'll Sing Whence Sees Me, Too.
And Wings To Fly Down To The Land,
Which Total, Does Make Three.
My Long, White Hair To Shimmer Gold,
More Beautiful, She Will See Me.
And Magic So I May Grant Her A Wish,
And Then I'll Make Her Happy.'

'Granted' Cried They,
And She Suddenly Transformed
Into A Beautiful Creature.

She Flew Steadily
Down To A Pond,
Where She Saw Her Newfound Self.

A Horse,
She Was,
With A Golden Horn Of Magic.

Big, White,
Angel Wings
And A Long, Flowing Golden Mane.

Golden Hooves, Sparkling Gold Eyes. She Began To Scream And Cry.

Her Sister Saw
The Pretty Beast.
But Recognize, Not Even Try.

She Soothed
The Creature Fair.
But Still She Could Not Hear Her Sister's Cry.

So Depart,
She Did,
ANd Forever More Pegasus Flew 'Round Alone.

Last updated: September 2008