Pegasus Took Me For A Ride

© Shanice Thibedeau

I looked to the skies and behold I saw
A magnificent sight flying there
A horse with wings so pretty and white
With a mane that sailed so gracefully behind

I watched with wonder at the sight above me
And could not believe my eyes
For I had heard of this wonder but did not believe
For I thought of it just as a myth

Then he landed beside me and knelt on one knee
Beckoning me to come
So I climbed on his back and away we did fly
Sailing through trees and clouds
I laughed and I cried at the beauty beneath me
As I felt the freedom of spirit sore through me

He landed like a feather and I slide off of his back
He pawed at the ground as if saying good-bye
Then he nuzzled my cheek before turning to leave

He left just as he had come
With the gentle flapping of his wings
So graceful and sure he flew out of sight
And left me with magnificent wonderment
And just like a child I'll look to the heavens
And wait to see what I find
For Pegasus's wings spread so wide
Has lighten my heart and again made me young
And I'll not forget this gift

The child in me does now sing for with Pegasus I have flown
And here I stand before you now and tell you this so true
I again believe in the mystical creatures
And the way they nurture our spirits
I will dream of the horse that took me afar
To the clouds and renewed my spirit
Pegasus will always be with me in heart
And I hope someday he’ll return

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Last updated: May 2007