[Herald] Esha'lowesneph [Herald]


Butterflies and fairy tales.
(©SunBlind - October 2005)

Come. Come quiet and swift. There is a surprise for you here. Something special. Something rare. Something like you've never seen before.


Don't move too quickly now. Just a little closer.

Stop! You'll startle him. He'll leave.

Slowly now...there, see? No, not with your eyes silly, you can't see anything that way. Who taught you that? Well, never mind. There, see him now? No? Well it takes a little practice, try again. Trust me its worth it.

Try closing your eyes, sometimes it helps to make you forget they are there. No distractions, you know? See him now? A green glimmer on a blue background. Picture it. You can see that right? Alright, now bring him closer, give him form and shape and colour. Is it working?

No of course I'm not going to tell you what shape to give him. It doesn't work that way. Otherwise he'll be just a figment of your imagination, he won't be real. He will be what you think he should look like rather than what he really is. He doesn't like that, he leaves when people change him.

Try again. Give him form but don't create the form. Let him show you what form he is. Is it working now? What do you see so far? Yes, he is shiny, he shimmers in the sunlight, reflecting the days rays with emerald brilliance.

Now what about his shape? Is he close enough to see? Bring him closer. Yes, he has legs, that's right, four of them ending in ebony black. Sigh, no he's not a green horse. You're trying too hard again, you are forcing a shape on him again.

Start over.

A horn? Yes, that's better! You understand now, throw in a little magic, let it show you what it will. A little sprinkle of fairy dust and...what's that? Wings? Yes, he has wings. They sparkle like his body, do they not? Buttefly wings, reflecting spectrum rainbows from their scales. Metallic gleam.

Hehehe. Yes, he does have antennae...I suppose they are cute, I never thought of them that way. It was just the way he was, never considered labelling them.

Now slowly, keep his shape in your mind. His colours, even his...er..cuteness if you want to call it that. Open your eyes. NO! Not like that or the image will fade. Slowly like, such that you can see him both before and behind your eyelids. I know that sounds weird, but trust me.

Just a crack, yes that's right. Yes. You understand now. There he is, in flesh and blood. Aren't you glad you didn't just go with your imaginary figments. This is much better, isn't it?

Touch him? Well, I don't know about that, its not my place to say. You'll have to ask him that. Yes, you can talk to him. He isn't real just to your eyes, but also to your ears.

Well, I'll be off now. What? Why should I stay? You don't need me anymore, just remember what I taught you and you won't have any trouble seeing anything ever again. Who am I? Well, maybe one day I'll teach you that too.

Name: Esha'lowesneph (Emerald Swallowtail)
ID: 16s
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Class: Special
Glory: ???
Charity: None
October 2005

[The Silver Unicorn]


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