[HERALD] The Gallery [HERALD]


A beautiful building appears in the middle of the Plain. Large columns and arches grace the entrance made of marble and accented with gold and gems. ~This is the gallery, where artwork of mystic horses of all forms can be found. Feel free to look around, and if you wish to see more of the same, beneath the paintings you will find a portal to take you where you want to go. I encourage you to do so!~

A * will indicate that there may be some slight nudity (usually associated with centaurs) but I believe nothing is offensive.

All that was left for you to do was enter through the large doors and choose a gallery....

Television and Movies

Professional Artists

Is there a spelling error or missing url you know? Have a drawing or sketch you would like the world to see? Must be about a magical equine or at least one that figures prominently. Email me at websorceress@myth-and-fantasy.com and I will probably post your image.

Last Updated: December 2002


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