The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


The more time you spend in this magical place, the more you wish you could live here. The springs were nice and warm, while never getting too hot. The breath of damp earth was relaxing, and the wind made soothing sounds through the trees. And the inhabitants never faied to keep things interesting. Like this next Sam which you temporarily mistook for a dog!

He seemed amused by your confusion. He grins, "My name is Cyrest of the Sudden Snowfall and I am an animal mimic. I take it you've not encountered any other like myself?" You shake your head, and point out that every sam seems to be completely different from every other. He laughs. "Yes, we ceyrtainly do have a lot of vayriety, don't we? Ayre humans so inteyresting? We don't get many thyrough heyre."

You ponder that a moment, but decide that no matter how different we are compared to each other, we are not so different as the Samanayrs are.

Another Sam approaches, this one a mare coloured for the holidays! You notice she has the same silken ears that Crest had, but she clearly wasn't related to him. She settles down nearby.

"I'm Pyrickle of the Shatrp Holly, and I'm happy to meet a human. You'yre only the second one I've met!"

You ask if the first was the Realm Keeper.

"Ah, no. Sunblind might take human foyrm at times, but she's not human. No, last time it was a young giyrl who was veyry lost. But you don't look lost."

You admit that while you have no idea where you are, you don't really feel lost either.

Just then a hush seemed to fall across the nearby woods. The three of you turn your eyes towards the trees a slight movement could be seen. A strange blue glow that seemed to stream as it moved. Prickle snuggled closer to you as Crest almost growled. The glow became two glows...eyes. And finally the Samanayr to which they belonged stepped out of the shadows. But only long enough to get a good look at the three of you, then he vanished back into the dark.

Well that was kind of creepy. What was with those eyes anyway?

But the moment passed, and when something else came out from the woods, it was a pair of Samanayr colts! They were clearly twins, regardless of their differences.

Once again, as you watched them frolick in the distance you felt a strangeness in the air. When the feeling passed, one of the colts wasn't there anymore, and the other had grown into a stunning stallion. He stood proudly by the treeline, then suddenly leapt into the air and flew away.

But you couldn't help but notice the orb which followed him. You smiled, realizing that he must be the son of Eclipse of the Midnight Orb, who was herself the daughter of Journey of the North Star, both of whom you'd met before.

Name: Crest of the Sudden Snowfall
ID: 090
Gender: Stallion
Species: Samanayr
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Birth Song: None
Song: None
Traits: Ear Silk, Tufted Tail, Pure Black Eyes, Hairless, Reduced Foot Tufts, Paws, Animal Mimic (Chinese Crested Dog)
May 2012

Name: Prickle of the Sharp Holly
ID: 869
Gender: Mare
Species: Samanayr
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Birth Song: Wild
Song: Song of the Prickly Warmth
Traits: Ear Silk, Bob Tail
December 2011

Name: Lurk of the Inscrutable Midnight
ID: 1055
Gender: Stallion
Species: Samanayr
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Birth Song: Wild
Song: Song of the Poisoned Darkness
Traits: Bobtail, Long Hooves, Solid Eyes with Bioluminescence
October 2012

Name: Path of the Celestial Sphere
ID: 983
Gender: Stallion
Species: Samanayr
Sire: Cobalt of the Faceted Sapphire
Dam: Eclipse of the Midnight Orb
Birth Song: Song of the Sapphire Skies
Song: Song of the Transcendental Spirit
Traits: Unicorn Horn, Belly Mane, Feathered Wings, Scales, Triple Hooves
July 2012

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings