The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


It seemed to you that each flower was different from the next. You could have spent your entire life here and not seen them all.

After a while, it began to grow dark. Had you been here that long already? You turn to Aazhaer to ask her, but she seemed strangely nervous. Behind her, you could see the other two mares moving about nervously. Something was going on.

That's when you noticed the first flower wilting...

The dark shadow with scarlet dipped claws was actually a leagus mare. Her left eye cried blood and stared sightlessly in your direction. In a widening circle about her, the colourful flowers shrivelled and turned brown. Aazhaer, Gemurra and Kaldanni were frantic, but the black mare noticed them not. She cared not for the flowers, nor for nervous movements behind her. She cared for nothing but the heat radiating from your body, detected from by her bloody eye that could not see.

Her name was Tesret and she had come for you, as the stallion of her Pri~erd had commanded her. You were not unknown to him, in truth he had even set his eyes upon you before. At the time his curiosity had been sated, but now he wished to see you again.

And with that in mind, the mare turned her good eye upon you, leapted forward, and swept you away from the protection of the others.


Name: Tesret
Gender: Female
Parents: Mictlantecuhtle x Tears of Blood
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Restless Evils
Offspring: None
May 2005

Pragosi Rainforest