The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


You lay there, staring up at the single star you can see between the leaves of the rainforest. It seemed so remote, so far and distant. You wished you could use that star to wish yourself to a safer place, where creatures that feed on living blood do not roam the night.

A slight rustle in the underbrush causes you to hold your breath. The leagus that stepped forward was shadowed darkness herself. Her black coat was broken up by strange, colouful markings that almost seemed to change shape as you watched. The one on her hindquarters moved back and forth between that of a dragon and that of a bat.

Not able to hold your breath any longer, you let out the one you were holding as quietly as possible. But it wasn't quiet enough for the leagus' sharp ears.

"Who's there?" she asks.

And with that sound, the silence broke and the forest suddenly returned to life. You could hear insects buzzing, and night birds singing to find a mate. The darkness didn't seem quite as dark, and the night became a friendly place. You stand up and show yourself.

"A human. Well, this is not a good part of the forest in which to be caught sleeping, for there are some that pass by here that would take advantage of this and leave little of you to be found in the morning."

You describe Sharnak and Marek and the mare threw her head back in shock. "Then you were very fortunate, for those were the very two of whom I was thinking when I gave you the warning. You were either very lucky or very cunning to have avoided them."

You figure that it involved more luck than cunning. After all, you had spent most of your time concentrating on not wetting your pants in fear. But you choose not to tell her this.

"My name is Xawen, and if you follow me, I can take you somewhere you can sleep in peace, without fear."


Name: Xawen
Gender: Female
Parents: Vassar x Rilte
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Future Vision
Offspring: None
December 2004

Pragosi Rainforest