The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


Vekma leads you to what appears to be an unoccupied part of the rainforest. You start wondering if it was some kind of trick she was playing on you. You waited for her to start laughing. The laughing started, but it wasn't Vekma.

The leagus mare leapt out from her hiding place, laughing as she bore down on the two of you. You slip behind Vekma, who seemed completely unfazed by her friends behaviour. "I suppose of should have warned you that Sarjenka can be...excitable."

That was a understatement. As far as you were concerned the mare was nuts, and since her mouth was full of really sharp teeth, something you noted very quickly since she had opened it while laughing, she was also quite dangerous.

What happened next was hard to explain. Sarjenka took little interest in you, but was obviously very happy to see Vekma. They were an odd pair, Sarjenka exhuding nervous energy, while Vekma countered it with calming influence. Eventually the pair seemed to feed off of each other's energies and came to some sort of normal balance.

Sarjenka now peered around her friend to look at you. "Hi, I'm Sarjenka. You must be the human everyone was talking about." You agreed that you must be. You found it unlikely that there would be others wandering about. "Nice to meet you."

After spending some time with the pair, you began to feel the strain of their opposing auras. You decide you'd better leave before you absorb too much of Sarjenka's personality. Vekma nods a farewell with a knowing look in her eye.


Name: Sarjenka
Gender: Female
Parents: Hanadokei x Youma
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Future Visions
Offspring: None
September 2004

Pragosi Rainforest