The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


The mist was thickening and only the most brightly coloured leagi were now visible. The fog had condensed on your skin and clothes and you were starting to shiver from the cold and damp. You knew you couldn't ask for warmth from the Pri~erd surrounding you. They were obviously a Pri~erd, all similar in nature and travelling together in this haunted land.

As if just by thinking the word, a most haunting cry carried through the trees. The leagi all looked about them, but didn't seem worried otherwise. Why should they, they probably were on the top of the food chain. A position you were unfortunately far below.

Bringing darkness and fire with her, another white mare with a flaming aura joined the group. Something told you, it was her cry you had heard.

Her shadows and heat managed to disperse the mist. She greeted the others, but seemed unable to see you. Truth was, none of the leagi were paying you any attention. Taking a chance you walk up to one of them, and reaching out, passed your hand right through them. Only they were perfectly solid, this time it was you who was vanishing into the night.

Was this a dream and were you waking? Or had you died and not known it? Strangely, you didn't feel afraid, only safe, calm and tired. Yes, sleep would be nice....


Name: Huehueteotl
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Dia de los Muertos
Offspring: Fuego
October 2003

Pragosi Rainforest