The Hidden Mountain Pass


You leave the little otter like creatures to their games and continue on into the trees. For a while the only living creatures you came across were various forms of insects, one of which appeared to find you tasty. You were busy shooing one of those away when you hear a startled hoot!

It was an owl...or something rather like an owl. After it's initial surprise it seemed to lose all sense of fear and started at you curiously, with crossed eyes. You tried not to laugh at its expression. You introduce yourself, it simply blinked back at you blankly. You explain what you're doing there. It tilts its head to one side and ruffles its feathers. After a bit you realize that it not only couldn't talk, it probably wasn't exactly the brightest creature out there.


You spin around only to find a pair of curious eyes staring back at you. You try to introduce yourself to those. The purple one tilted his head to one side while the female scratched herself with one talon. "Whooo?"

You glance about, usually whenever there was a creature that couldn't talk there would be a sign or something explaining them, but you couldn't find it, or any other creature that might explain these odd avians. You turn back to them only to find the three of them now staring blandly at you.


Ok, those eyes were starting to give you the eebie jeebies...


Name: Snowcrest
ID: 132
Gender: Male
Parentage: Pause (039) x Notice (127)
Body: White
Markings: Black
Eyes: White
Note: Has a previously unseen crest variation
July 2013

Name: Spellbound
ID: 136
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Body: Purple
Markings: Yellow
Eyes: Red Aurora
July 2015

Name: Koi
ID: 138
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Body: White
Markings: Orange
Eyes: Bright teal/dark yellow
July 2015