The Hidden Mountain Pass


You slip between two large stones and find yourself in a flower filled glade! There was even a happy bubbling stream flowing into a crystal clear pool. It was like something out of an enchanted fairy tale, and you expected a unicorn to step out at any moment. Instead, something small and red floated out from the trees to land lightly by the pond, and stop to take a drink. You shift to get a better look, but you must have made some sound for the red creature was back in the air again, looking about suprised.

Seeing you, he floated on over so you could get a better look. He appeared to be kind of feline or canine, with a furred coat and long yellow feather streaming from his legs. And one big feather from his head, no wait, there was some kind of headband there. That was just an adornment that matched the real fluff on his tail.

It was a little odd as he just floated before you, curious and friendly, but without wings, like he was some sort of spirit. And then he spoke (fortuanately you'd encountered so many speaking creatures here you weren't too shocked).

"Hello, I am Selwyn. I live here in this glade."

You introduce yourself in turn and not able to hold in your curiousity you ask him how he can levitate like that.

He shrugs, "I'm a Corau, we can all do this. It would be like asking me how it was possible for you to walk."

You had to admit you couldn't answer that, walking was just something you knew how to do without thinking. You then imagined what it would be like for Corau learning to float. Would they be like humans learning to walk? Stumbling about in the air? It was hard to imagine, with Selwyn being so graceful now.

"What are you thinking?"

At first you thought it was Selwyn, but no, this voice was feminine. You turn to see a second Corau floating at about the level of your head, looking at you curiously, almost a concerned look on her face as is she were worried you might hurt your brain from so much thought. She had a wonderful rainbow scarf which also appeared to be floating about her neck.

"This is my daughter, Miwela" Selwyn introduced. She smiled and waved a paw.

"You looked really deep in thought, I hope it wasn't bad thoughts?" she asked. You felt silly explaining what you had been thinking, but they just laughed. "It does take a little practice," one replied.

You notice that Miwela keeps glancing behind you, finally curiousity getting the better of you, you turn to look. About too inches from your ankle is another Corau, gliding close to the ground. Her eyes roll up to look at you as her mouth opens. The scene freezes.

She backs off quickly, having been caught red-pawed in her sneak attack. She had distinct halloween colourings, and those horns, and yes, fangs, added to the effect. But if she was meant to be scary, she wasn't. Instead she was a cute little ankle-bitter, though you were glad she didn't get a chance to nip, those teeth looked sharp! You ask her name and you got the little ball of black and orange fur to mutter "Shadra".


Name: Selwyn
ID: 07
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
February 2009

Name: Miwela
ID: 16
Gender: Female
Parentage: Selwyn x Shadi
May 2009

Name: Shadra
ID: 21
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
October 2009

The Corau