The Hidden Mountain Pass


Eventually you managed to get all the NC off of you, though you wouldn't have minded if a couple of them had followed along for company. They were really cute little critters. But at some point, they all just turned and flew off the other way, as if there was some invisible barrier that they were afraid to pass through.

Or more likely it was because of the large predatory creature that was standing right in your path, very well aware of your presence. His eyes narrowed.

"Human?" he asked.

You tremble slightly. His beak was sharp, those front paws huge, his entire body was strong, powerful and built for the hunt. You hoped that he didn't have a preference for human meat. Slowly you nod.

He snarled slightly. "You have permission to be here?"

Somewhat faster you nod, explaining that the Realm Keeper gave you permission to wander these lands where you pleased. He grunts, "Well, I suppose that's alright then. I hate those that tresspass where they are not wanted."

Perhaps he was some kind of guardian for the Realm, to keep out the unwanted. He continued, "My name is Kalonn, a Qualiron from Sirah's Realm. Another Realm far from here."

You ask what other creatures would be found along this path. He shrugs, "Most creatures move around a lot here. What was there before will not be there now. And what is there now will not be there later."

You ask if it were likely that whatever would be there by the time you got there would want to eat you.

He shrugs again, "Most likely." With that he spread his wings and took to the air with one powerful movement. He might be a protector of the Realm but he wasn't there to save the skin of wandering travellers.


Name: Kalonn
Gender: Male
ID: 99
Parents: Kadaj x Stasia
Birth Pride: Dark Pool
Pride: None
Offspring: None
May 2005