The Hidden Mountain Pass


You hear a fluttering sound and turn about to see if you could find the source, but there was nothing there, no bird, no nothing. You continued climbing over large rock and squeezing through tight openings between them. Then up on a ledge you heard the fluttering sound again. You look up to see a winged creature bathed in the light of the sun. It leapt off the ledge and landed nearby. It meowed.

She was a cat, or at least appeared to be a cat, you knew better than to assume that that was exactly what she was. Besides, you would have to admit she was the first one you'd ever seen to have wings. She looked at you in the disdainful way cats have at for looking at lesser beings. Then deciding that your hands would be good for a backrub, she brushes up against your leg purring madly.

She seemed to be a normal siamese, just with wings and you wonder once more about what she was. It didn't seem like she could talk, either aloud or telepathically......though she seemed to be an expert at letting you know exactly where she needed a scratch.

But your thoughts once more triggered the opening of a portal to the homeland of the Neko Renorii, which happened to be exactly what name of the species the cat named Eflayla was.

And being a cat, she gave no warning that she was getting annoyed with your constant pestering, and gave you a swat with her paw before licking it (ewwww, touched a human! how icky!) and then walking away as if you had never existed.


Name: Eflayla
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Short Haired
Body: Long, sleek
Breed: Siamese
Colour: Natural
Tail: Long
Ears: Normal
Whiskers: Nose
Point: Default
Fur: Straight
Mutation: Feathered Wings
March 2001

Neko Renorii