The Hidden Mountain Pass


You find the hidden Mountain pass. On either side there's lush greenery, as well as spectacular waterfalls. As you climb you stop often to enjoy the view. As you climb, the air becomes cool and clear. At long last you near the top........and a growl meets your ears. You raise your head over the ledge to come eye to eye with a furry blue animal - an animal not very pleased to see you there.

"HUMAN!" she growls and pounces towards your hands which were the only things keeping you at the top of the mountain, rather than tumbling down to the bottom.

Terrified you cry out that you don't mean her any harm.

Her teeth inches from your fingers, she pauses a moment. The desire to send you falling at war with your words, which she obviously wasn't going to take at face value. But then she backed off.

"You wouldn't have gotten this far if you couldn't be trusted. But that doesn't mean that I will trust you..."

You haul yourself onto the plateau as quickly as you could. If she were to change her mind you wanted have at least someplace you could run.

"I'm a Cylirah, though I don't suppose you humans ever cared to remember that. Your kind nealy wiped out ours. I should know, I was there at the Final Battle, now I'm a Veteran. Let me guess, you haven't even heard of that either.... Figured not. My name is Night of Memories, or Night:Memories." She glares at you, then turns to lick a scar on her hip. "We will never forget what you did to us. We painted colours on our tails, in remembrance of those who did not survive the Final Battle and pass the memories through the generations".

She stops and glares at you. And glares.... Such anger behind those eyes of hers. You didn't know what to say. You weren't there when it happened, you had nothing to do with it, but you still felt very, very guilty. There was nothing you could say. The best you could do what leave her alone.


Name: Night of Memories
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
June 2000

Aria Winds