The Magical Herd

The Nixphe


Again moving forwards, Firecracker brings you to another part of the Midnight Plains.

~This is Simla, as of 2006, the other Nixphe are no longer participating in the game, and Simla was the first of the new group to join.~

The game?

~The game to get a Nixphe to Flame. SunBlind joined late, and by that time some Nixphe had already Flamed, but she was still eager to get into the swing of things to see if she could get Simla to Flame too. We'll see. Right now she doesn't have a clue how to make a Nixphe Flame. It could depend on the Flight, it could depend on the colors, it could depend on the symbols. It could depend on all three. But she won't find out until she tries!~


Name - Simla
Present House - Nil
Previous Houses -
Number of Morphs - 0

Moonlight Plains
September 2006