The Magical Herd

The Lake


You want to visit the lake, it sounded like a peaceful place. And it was. Large and and coloured a beautiful deep blue, but also cold and deep. On one side was a mountain range, on this side, the Plains of the Mystical Horses. You figure the dragons must live far in the distance, high in the tallest mountains that you could faintly see in the distance. Sitting down on the edge of the lake, you wonder if you are to wait here till someone comes to drink.

*No, in this lake lives a rare creature. It is called a Sycorax.* As he speaks, you see ripple in the water. You expect to see something similar to a hippocampus, but what comes out of the water is something quite different. His bronze coat shimmers with water droplets.


~I am ^Eilmawen^, bronze magi from the realm of The First Pegasus. Welcome to my home.~

Firecracker explains more about this strange horse. *The Bronze Magi are very powerful. They can manipulate all the fairy powers at a higher level. You see, these horses were once fairies before they were trapped within this form. They also have the ability to make things move effortlessly.*

^Eilmawen^ demonstrates this by making you float. No, you thought, it didn't take any effort on his part at all.


Name: ^Eilmawen^
Species: Sycorax
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
March 1999

The First Pegasus