This appeared to be the lobby of another kennel, much like the first. The floors were marble and the wall richly decorated in gold. As with the other kennel you knew that the dogs didn't actually spend all day running about on the cold floors but had nice soft carpets on which to play. Then you spotted someone who was most certainly a groomer. He led a beautiful female with a purple coat who lay down obediently at his command.

"Eh, ye come t' see the dogs? This 'ere's Ioway's Purple Princess. A real beauty, ain't she?"

She lay perfect as a statue, paws neatly crossed over in front of her. The groomer pats her, "There's a good girl now. Ye see now we call hers princess, eh?" She blinks.

"Well, I can take ye on a wee tour if ye likes. We nows got ourselves a nice boy for our Princess to play with. E's called Dream a Grand Adventure, but 'e likes big ones better, a troublemaker 'e is." The caretaker laughs and leads you down the hallway, Princess following obediently. As he walks he speaks of the other female. "An we ave's us a pretty pup from Kirawi Kennels. She's called Silent Sentry, a serious girl, but ve'y sweet."

"An can ye believe it? Our little Wishbone and our pretty Princess have a pup. Curious little critter, she is. Always getting into things. She lives at Kirawi Kennels, but ye can see 'er pitcher (well, that's how he pronounced it O.o;) over there."

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