The Magical Herd

The Forest


After leaving the Equii the forest returned to its midsummer feel. But there was another feel to it, something in the air, something around you that you couldn't place, something you'd never felt before. It wasn't menacing, actually you weren't quite sure how to describe the sensation. It seemed to swirl around you for a moment till it grew stronger and coalesed into a form, and equine form.

Though it had no wings it seemed to hover before you, perhaps not fully solid yet. You reached out to it, but it didn't want to be touched. Its body was metallic though it had no problem moving. Its wild green mane flowed about in all directions though there wasn't a breath of wind.

Then suddenly it just dispersed right before your eyes. It flowed around you then vanished completely, leaving the forest with a completely normal foresty aura.


Name: Chandol
ID: T-23
Element: Metal
Object Of Element: Steel
Gender: None
January 2003

Star Fissure - Teniki