The Magical Herd

The Desert


The oasis came as a relief. You lay in the shade of the palm trees and drank to the cool, clear pool. Coconuts grew on some of the trees, and other trees had different kinds of fruits. It was really a nice place. You wouldn't want to stay there forever, but it was definitely nice.

One day you decided to swim in the pool. You paddled around for a while till you noticed something glittering down at the bottom of it. You dive down and bring up, surprise surprise, a drigus egg!

You stare at the red egg a moment and wonder if time was really playing a trick on you. Vyr had hatched from a red egg. Could you have gone back in time before he had hatched! And this was him in the egg, waiting for you to find him again. Only the first time he hadn't been at the bottom of a pool......

The egg hatched.

You sigh with relief. It wasn't Vyr. You thought back at the names you had come up with while waiting for Turval to hatch and picked the female name you had chosen. Varda. There, that suited her.

You wondered if the two were related, she was small like he was. And she also seemed to enjoy digging things out of the sand. She even managed to dig out a small animal which she swallowed with pleasure. At least it wasn't that bouncy desert mouse you had encountered earlier.

"Oh, oh" you thought. That felt like a time shift. And sure enough, it was. Varda was a teen. She stood up on her hind legs and smiled at you. Unlike Turval, she hadn't noticed your disappearance. Weird. Still haven't completely figured out how this time shift thingie worked.

Varda looked like she wanted to play but it was really hot. So you gathered up a bunch of coconuts and threw them in the water for her to swim after. She was suprisingly good in the water for a desert creature. Then she brought one of the back and bonked you on the head with it. Oh, yeah. They were just *slightly* more intelligent than dogs ::sarcasm:: She bonks you again on the head. Hey! How'd she know your thoughts!

Anyway, she must have bonked you harder than you thought because you missed the next time shift completely. Well, mentally anyway. Varda was an adult.

She was quite pretty, draconic features in evidence. Err, what that a coconut in her talons? Once again she was acting as if you had never time shifted. Had you done something that you couldn't remember? Something worthy of a coconut bonk? Well there wasn't much you could do but accept it. She could run much faster than you.

The sound of drigus feet in the sand made her stop her bonkings and look up to see who was coming......

Name: Varda
Gender: Female
Mane: Red
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
August 2000