The Magical Herd

The Copse


You leave the Miwenday and continue deeper into the copse. The trees grow thick and all kinds of plants and bushes cover the ground. You are forced to clamber over fallen logs and duck beneath low hanging branches. Suddenly the was a startled honking sound and something brightly coloured flashed by and disappeared into the trees. A moment later, a beautiful buck stepped out through the leaves.

~I'm sorry. You startled me. It's always safest the run and then see what had crept up behind you. You never know, what with Dragon Mountain being flying distance from here!~ You could hear his words in your head. ~My name is Don'Uvil, which means Sun Spirit in your language.~

You didn't for a moment think that this deer was a coward. You were sure if there was any reason why he should have to stand and fight, he would. But he wasn't going to if he didn't have to.

~I am a Lanie, a Gavanian deer. An adult male may be called a Laniet, and an adult female is a Lanies, while are species on the whole is called Lanien. We have no natural enemies as our flesh is poisonous. But that doesn't stop some of the younger dragons from trying to catch us.~

~A female of my kind can be recognized by having a mane, while a male has antlers. All have back and belly markings, and the spots you see on my back fade with age. And colours are important too. Yellow means Good Works and brown means Patience. Those are my virtues.~

You thank the buck for his information and continue your explorations in the copse.


Name: Don'Uvil
Gender: Laniet
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Virtues: Good Works and Patience



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