The Magical Herd

The Cavern


You can't help but wonder what kind of horse would live in a cavern. As Firecracker nears the mouth of the cave he gives you a warning.

*The glyphs are shy creatures and like to be alone, so they tend to live in caverns or very dense forests. But you don't have to be afraid. They won't hurt you.*

So you enter the dark mouth of the cave still mounted on Firecracker. You can hear water dripping or running from all around you. And it keeps getting darker and darker as your mount takes you deeper and deeper underground. Soon, you see a pale light before you. A larger room is lit by a sparkling light, that is somehow comforting. You soon realize that this effect is created by hundreds of tiny gems embbeded into the walls of the cave.

As you look about the cavern, your eyes rise towards the ceiling, where there appeared to be a shadow moving against the sparkling of gems. Gracefully the creature glides lower and you realize that it was some kind of horse. A rare and beautiful one at that.


*That is a glyph.*

Finally you ask, "What is a glyph?"

*A glyph is a mystical horse that is half horse, half dragon. You can see the dragon part showing in the love of pretty gems. I'm not too sure of how they feel about gold though.* Firecracker smiles. *See the fillies have scales down their backs and on their limbs. A male would have had spikes and horns.*

The blue mare comes up to you and lets you pat her gently for a moment before she retreats again. You remember what Firecracker said about them being a bit solitary.

*Her name is Divia. She's quite shy but it seems she trusts you.*

Name: Divia
Gender: Female
Dam: Emerald
Sire: Topaz
Mate: None
Offpspring: None

Divia was a gift to the Keeper of this Realm from Lady Brooklyn


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