Book Cover
Title Yertle the Turtle
Series ---
Author Dr. Seuss
Illustrated By Dr. Seuss
Publisher Fisher Price Toys - 1977
First Printing - 1951
Category Children
Warnings None
Website NA

Main Characters


Main Elements Anthropomorphic


In this Dr. Seuss rhyming tale, the king of the turtles name Yertle ruled all that he could see from his throne. But his throne was just a rock, and all he could see was the pond where the turtles lived. One day he decides he needed to rule more, and to do that he needed a bigger, taller throne! So he command a group of turtles to pile up on each other's shells, and climbing to the top he now ruled a farm, and a cow and a field and a cat. But soon, even this was not enough, and he commanded more and more turtles to pile on up. But while Yertle could see for miles far and wide, the poor turtles on the bottom began to complain. Their backs ached, and they were hungry. But Yertle wasn't done yet, for the moon still ruled more than he. I'll let you read the book to find out how it ends!

I adore most of Dr. Seuss' stories and this one is no exception. The rhymes and rhythm are great, the artwork fun, the language downright silly at times - but that's what makes these books what they are. A child should not grow up deprived of Dr. Seuss, and while movies made of his stories are nice, the full length theater movies tend to add a whole bunch of nonsense that wasn't even in the book. No, I say read the books to your kids, then when they are old enough, they'll enjoy reading these books on their own.

And this particular edition of the story is special. It had little mini LP disks embedded into the page. You would then hold a device that is like an upside down record player and have the story read out to you. I had hours of fun with that, and I had several books that worked that way. I have no idea what happened to the rest of them, I'd love to get them back, especially a couple of my favorites!

Posted: November 2010


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