Book Cover
Title Witch Cat
Series ---
Author Joan Carris
Cover Art John Breakey
Publisher Dell Publishing - 1984
First Printing Dell Publishing - 1984
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Rosetta, Dinki Kung, Gwen Markham
Main Elements Witches

Believe it or not, a witch has been born in Ohio! It's up to Rosetta, an experienced witch-cat, to teach Gwen Markham, the young witch, how to understand and use her special powers.

But Rosetta has her work cut out for her. Gwen is a science buff who likes to find answers to everything - an unlikely candidate for the age-old order of witches. And Dinki, Gwen's jealous and suspicious dog, threatens to make Rosetta's job next to impossible. Can Rosetta overcome these modern-day disasters and teach Gwen the truth about magic and witchcraft.

My sister was cleaning out her books and was going to give this one away. I try to read everything that passes through my house just in case it's something I want to keep. It was a fun tale about from the point of view of Rosetta the cat trying to convince a modern day girl that she's a witch. Not an easy task in a day and age where magic is thought to be pure fantasy.

My one complaint would be that while Gwen is described as a science buff, we don't really see that aspect of her. A science buff girl is a good role model, but she rarely tries to come up with scientific explanations for Rosetta's magic, generally stopping at "how odd" and then assuming she imagined things. On the other hand I like how the author chose to make Rosetta an older (actually a LOT older) and experienced cat. Often these tales have the trainee trying muddle their way through.

The relationship between Rosetta and Dinki, the pet dog, is also fun given they can talk to each other as they try to decide if they can tolerate each other and how best to help Gwen.

So overall I enjoyed the story, and would recommend it to any girl who likes magic and/or cats.

Posted: October 2014


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