Book Cover
Title The White Plague
Series ---
Author Frank Herbert
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Category Medical SF
Warnings None

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I generally enjoy Herbert's books, they make you reflect on different situations, and this one is no different. What if someone came up with a plague that killed only women? How would we prevent the spread of this disease? What would happen if we could not? And if a cure is found, who would get the few women who remained? What about religion and politics, both of which seem to have failed the people? The consequences of terrorism, and of uncovering the secrets of our genetic makeup. All this, and an interesting look into the collective mind of Ireland, and of course, into the mind of a schizophrenic madman bent on revenge.

What I didn't like about his book was that it dragged on, particularly the trek across Ireland. There was a lot of technical talk about DNA, and I was somewhat frustrated when the "ignorant" characters caught on to what the doctors were talking about and I was left as confused as ever about all the jargon. And like many books of this genre, we see the events from the point of view of many characters, so many that its hard to remember who was who and where they were.

Please excuse my lack of details and cover art. I have a used hardcover copy without a dust jacket, and for whatever reason, the previous owner decided to rip out the publishing info page *g*

Posted: August 2003


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