Book Cover
Title Voyage au centre de la terre
Series ---
Author Jules Verne
Cover Art ---
Publisher Librairie Hachette - 1966
First Printing ---
Category Science Fiction
Warnings None

Main Characters

Axel & Otto Lidenbrock, Hans

Main Elements ---


Though I read this book in French, I don't dare attempt to write this review in the same language ^.^ But for those of you whose French is functional, but not great, this book is good. The language is easy to understand, though don't get me wrong, its not all single syllable words. There's just something very clean and clear about the way it was written. So if you're up to the challenge, I highly recommend reading this book in its native tongue.

As for the story, most of you probably already know it. An eccentric uncle, his nephew and a guide the pair had picked up along the way, enter a volcano to retrace the path of another adventurer in an attempt to reach the center of the Earth. Along they way they encounter many amazing things. A classic novel written by a man of the late 19th century who predicted travel to the moon and beneath the sea with uncanny accuracy.

Posted: August 2003


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