Book Cover
Title Velvet Paws & Shiny Eyes
Series ---
Author Carol Cassidy Cole
Illustrated By Dudley Ward
Publisher The Musson Book Company Ltd - 1943
First Printing The Musson Book Company Ltd - 1922
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Eric Oldson

Main Elements Anthropomorphic, elves


I was cleaning out my book collection and rediscovered this book which had once belonged to my father, though I had read it years ago, I decided to give it another read, now as an adult.

It is a wonderful tale about an unkind boy named Eric who liked to hurt and tease the animals that live in the woods around his home. One day he falls asleep beneath a tree only to wake up and discover that he had been turned into an elf! Now, tiny as he was, he was no longer a threat to the animals and they were now a danger to him. But the woodland creatures know that elves are gentle creatures and they welcome him into their homes, teaching them their ways. Soon he realizes the wrongs he did to the various animals and grows accustomed to living with them, in particular a flock of geese flying north to their nesting grounds. Along the way, Eric has many adventures, and on more than on occassion, helped protect the geese who were so kind to take him on their journey.

I suspect this book will be pretty hard to track down. It was written by a Canadian author, and published by a Canadian company 50 years ago, but it is a worthy find, something to keep for generations to come.

Perhaps one day I can track down the sequel, Downy Wing and Sharp Ears.

Posted: September 2010


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