Book Cover
Title Unicorns
Series ---
Author Pat Hancock
Cover Art Yuksel Hassan
Publisher Scholastic Inc - 1988
First Printing ---
Category Children / Reference
Warnings None

Main Characters


Main Elements Unicorns

Did you know that:

  • if a unicorn's horn is cut off it can grow a new one right away!
  • a unicorn can live for over a thousand years!
  • a unicorn that's killed for its horn can spring back to life immediately!
  • the unicorn is supposed to have the worst voice of any animal on earth!

UNICORNS contains fascinating facts about the magical, much-loved creature with one horn - and full-colour stickers too!

This book I've loved since I first got it. Children can get their first glimpse into the legend and lore surrounding the unicorn. The only thing I found strange was the way the stickers and pages were matched up. They have the poem "The Lion and the Unicorn", but the sticker which depicts the lion and the unicorn goes on another page. Ah well, perhaps it was just to add a challenge to sticking them in :)

Whenever I think of this book, I am reminded of a public speaking speech I had to do for class in elementary school. I did it on unicorns and used this book as one of my references. The funny thing was, while I was researching in the library, one of the boys in the class surprised me by knowing stuff about unicorns...but no, this was not the start of a wonderful friendship. I still didn't like him and he teased me sometimes. The things one associates with a book...

Posted: January 2002


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