Book Cover
Title Unicorn Races
Series ---
Author Stephen J. Brooks
Illustrations Linda Crockett
Publisher Purple Sky Publishing - 2007
First Printing Purple Sky Publishing - 2007
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Abigail, Sir William

Main Elements Unicorns, fairies
Website Purple Sky Publishing
Stephen J. Brooks
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Six majestic, colourful unicorns take part in a nightly race deep in a magical forest. Follow the adventures of young Abigail as she embarks on the wonderful adventure into a world of dreams and make-believe; where fairies prepare marvelous feasts of sundaes, cakes and cookies. This brilliantly illustrated story is sure to become your child's favorite. Stephen Brooks taps into the active imagination of children in this delightful tale of a world where anything is possible.

I must admit I was suprised and honoured to receive a message in my mailbox one day asking if I would be willing to do a review of a new childrens book.

Every little girl has dreamed about riding off into the night to a realm of magic and fantasy, where fairies cheer while unicorns race. And of course, where she herself is a princess in a beautiful gown and glittering crown. Stephen J. Brooks has created an enchanting story about just such an adventure. Brooks writes to comfort children, and in this magical tale he has succeeded.

Linda Crockett's dream-like illustrations are a perfect match to Brooks narrative. Every page sparkles, the magical forest suitably indistinct. And you have to keep an eye on what is happening in the background too. One musn't overlook the interaction between Abigail's cat and the fairy in her bedroom.

This is a story your daughter will ask to have read to her many a night, and will inspire dreams of brightly coloured unicorns.

Posted: January 2007


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