Book Cover
Title The Toothpaste Genie
Series ---
Author Frances Duncan
Cover Art By David Simpson
Publisher Scholastic - 1986
First Printing Scholastic - 1981
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Amanda, the Genie

Main Elements Genies

When Amanda gets a real genie in her tube of toothpaste she thinks she has it made. But then she finds out the genie is an apprentice who can manage to turn even the simplest wish into a disaster!

The hilarious story of a spunky kid who discovers that having her very own genie isn't exactly a wish come true!

One of my friends was getting rid of this book and I knew someone I could give it to. While it was at my house I decided to give it a read, the subject was highly unusual after all. I've heard of genies living in a lot of things but never a tube of toothpaste!

You know the saying, "Careful what you wish for"? Well, when dealing with genies that is definitely true. Fortunately Amanda had more than three wishes, in fact she got one a day, but she needed a lot of them to fix the disasters that resulted from the genie taking what sounded simple and straightforward and turning into something completely different from what Amanda wanted (though technically, it was still what she asked for).

A little silly at times, but then aren't all kids books a little silly? It was fun even as an adult reading about Amanda's misadventures with the genie, who while enjoying a little mishief, was in the end a pretty good guy who only wanted to graduate genie school by providing Amanda with some really good wishes that would really stand out in his final report.

The ending leaves you hanging a little bit, you aren't quite sure if Amanda really will get her most desired wish, but the sometimes leaving things to fate might be a bit more relaxing than trying to alter your future with magic.

If I were a kid I think I would have really liked this book.

Posted: August 2014


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